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Fuelmatics’ touchless fueling and COVID-19

Fuelmatics – touchless payment/fueling

The rapidly growing COVID-19 outbreak is a unique situation and we are well aware of the difficult situation that currently prevails.  Fuelmatics offers a unique hands-free fueling concept, allowing you to oversee the entire fueling procedure without leaving your car. With Fuelmatics’ touchless concept, everything is done through the Fuelmatics app. No dirty nozzle or … Read more

Fuelmatics Implementation Demo Video

Robotic Fuel Pump

Implementation demo of the Fuelmatics FM5000 system. Fuelmatics is the pioneer in fully automatic refueling systems. Fuelmatics offers a true hands-free refueling experience with an app payment solution. The Fuelmatics FM5000 is the latest iteration of our robotic gas pump. There are many benefits with automatic refueling, some of them are: Faster – 30 – … Read more

Fuelmatics signs dealership agreement in the Middle East

Robotic Fuel Pump

Fuelmatics has signed dealership agreements with two states in the Middle East. The parties will sell and distribute the Fuelmatics 5000 system in the mid-east market. The agreements are important milestones for the Fuelmatics international expansion. Fuelmatics is the pioneer and world leader in fully automatic refueling systems. The automatic fueling industry in a fast … Read more

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