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Fuelmatics – touchless payment/fueling
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Fuelmatics’ touchless fueling and COVID-19

The rapidly growing COVID-19 outbreak is a unique situation and we are well aware of the difficult situation that currently prevails. 

Fuelmatics offers a unique hands-free fueling concept, allowing you to oversee the entire fueling procedure without leaving your car. With Fuelmatics’ touchless concept, everything is done through the Fuelmatics app. No dirty nozzle or payment terminal needs to be touched – reducing the risk of being exposed to viruses or bacteria. 

Pump nozzles and payment terminals are exposed to a large amount of dirt and bacteria on a daily basis, which contributes to the spreading of viruses unless cleaned regularly. In difficult times such as these, the Fuelmatics concept provides an aspect of safety that keeps traffic running uninterruptedly.

Learn more about the Fuelmatics concept here

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