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Automatic Refueling Station

Marketing benefits

True automation will change the idea of refueling forever. It is in phase with the new tech-services like smartphones, Uber, automated cars and robots. It is faster. Only about half the time for refueling. If you just have to fill the car up, that’s important. It’s disruptive. Once you have gotten the service, you will never go back. Furthermore, the customers will deselect the ones who do not offer the service. Plus that new services attracts. If you buy a modern car with all the automation, of course you want the modern refueling service. Being early gives the chance to take market shares. Since true hands-free automation is the only offer of actual refueling service, the early ones will be ahead, taking market shares as long as the others stand still. When they try to catch up, the gap is already established.

It’s hard to increase turnover on a slow moving market with few parameters to attract customers. There hasn’t really been a new type of offer in the business for decades. Until now. Contact us for calculation examples on your actual situation. It’s surprising how little it takes to turn the investment into profit.

Game changer

There is actually no one who loves refueling. It’s an every day obstacle, an unwanted must. True automation offers this service. You don’t have to anymore. This changes the game completely. But wait, there is more. The new car owners are from the internet generation. They are known for changing rapidly to get better service. If there is an automatic alternative, they will not even consider the manual. The new generations will not even know what manual refueling is, because it is not needed. What is happening now is just the beginning. It will be an avalanche, and nothing can stop it.


There is a simple reason why people change to true automated refueling: no one today is interested in doing everyday duties if they can avoid them. That is why robotic vacuum cleaners and lawn movers exist. If there arrives something new that takes care of it, it is the obvious choice. Think about how many technical solutions that are, just a few years old, that we already take for granted. Remember the time before cordless and wi-fi?

All under the age of 40 demand that technical solutions works without any knowledge from the user, and they adapt to it instantly. This means that any company who doesn’t adapt to this fact will be deselected all together, for all time. The history is filled with companies who missed paradigm shift. Remember the giant Kodak?

Retailers Advantages

Offer  premium services and charge more, build smaller but more efficient stations, attract new customers with better service, fill up more cars per hour and per square meter. Sell advertising space on screen and app screens.   

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