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General Concept

The general concept is providing increased service through automation. Fuelmatics solves this with high tech equipment hand in hand with user experience. The last few years of development in smartphones and computerized automation has completely rewritten the map for what consumers expect. Today’s new cars have many autonomous features: they automatically connect to the drivers smartphone through Bluetooth, detects rain, helps panic break – some even park or drive themselves. The internet generation expects things to be self-propelled. Manual refueling has become stone age.

True hands-free automation

Fuelmatics true automation is a fully hands-free modern service far away from what today is called an ” automatic station”. While they simply let you pay manually in an “automatic” cash machine and refuel with a pistol grip, true hands-free automation only ask you to park reasonably close to the unit and click a few times on your smartphone. Done. The car is refueled, payment made, receipt is mailed. No getting out, opening window or manual labour. Doesn’t matter what weather it is. As soon as you’ve tried this, as soon you will have adopted it.


Fuelmatics builds on a drive-thru procedure that offers a premium service. When was the last time you got service at a gas station? Except from being faster, cleaner and more convenient, it’s a real advantage when it’s bad weather or unpleasant temperatures. You don’t have to inhale the vapors or risk getting dirty either. A Drive-Thru solution also provides also provides a full service for drivers with physical issues to get in and out of the car, and those who don’t want to leave children or pets alone. Some also feel it’s safer to stay in a locked car.

Automatic Gas Pump Station


Paying through your smartphone becomes more common every day. It increases the service and cuts time, since the necessary data is already registered. A few clicks manages the whole procedure, from handshake to the receipt in e-mail inbox.

Gas Station Concept


Robotic Gas Station

Fuelmatics true automation drive-thru suits all types of refueling points. The system needs little space. Since it’s pumping fuel in a closed loop and is completely vapor free you can often place closer to big roads and populated areas. The system offers increased customer capacity and better service.  The customer screen is ideal for displaying advertisements during pumping.

There is a positive trend for unmanned stations. With the Fuelmatics units you can achieve better throughput and  build more efficient stations on smaller pieces of land. The increased throughput means more customers served along with an unsurpassed level of service. For those who have queues today, Fuelmatics increases your sales and improves your customer ́s satisfaction. Additionally, an increased service level, similar or more efficient than full-service, enables a price differentiation which can justify the investment of equipment in short time.

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