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Autonomous Car Refueling

Fuelmatics technology

The Fuelmatics 5000 unit is the fifth generation of truly automated refueling units. It builds on Swedish world wide patented solutions, being refined continuously. We actually have decades of experience of commercial stations. Working units from Fuelmatics are in use for petrol stations, car manufacturing lines as well as for fleet operators such as bus companies. We are probably the most experienced provider in the market.

Today’s unit can manage all liquid and gaseous fuels. The same unit can handle three different fuels through three nozzles. The technology to refuel gas fuels like hydrogen is already developed.

The payment method has developed from credit card to app. The breakthrough of smartphones has made the Drive-Thru technology even better. That infrastructure makes the handling of authentication, payments and receipts much faster, simpler and user friendly. People are already used to trusting and using it as a payment method. The ice is already broken. 

The System

The challenges when developing true automatic refueling is to realize a system which has  low complexity with few parts which are necessities to enable robustness and a reliable functionality. Further, the system must be able to have generous requirements on customer behavior, i.e. a forgiving system which is able to perform even if the user does not parked precisely at a perfectly dedicated point.

With thousands of different car models on the roads it is not possible to use one and the same motion patterns for all cars when; finding target, opening the fuel door, docking, disconnecting and closing. Fuelmatics software has artificial intelligence capacity which control all parameters for a successful refueling for almost all kind of passenger cars and SUVs. It is also self learning which means it will perform better and faster the more cars it will fill up.

Enviroment friendly

Fuelmatics is a clean system coompletely free from spill on the ground. The refueling nozzle establishes a sealed connection with the car before any it opens any flow valves. Therefore enabling fueling in a closed loop. The system recovers 100 percent of the vapor and even condenses it back to fuel.

As refueling’s are made in Drive-Thru, no humans are even close to the refueling point, safer than any manual system on the globe.    

The system is completely free from spill and vapors. Even the main tanks recycles the vapors to liquid fuel, not letting anything out through any vents. The Fuelmatics units can handle both liquids and gases.

Automatic Gas Pump Station


Fuelmatics 5000, our latest development is the most refined automatic system for refueling on the globe. This achivement have been possible with a dedicated team with over 100 man years of experience from Hands-Free true automation, the business we are living from.

We started with a more mechanical system in the early days when card payment and CRT-screens was state of the art. At that time transponders was the only technology available to locate the fuel cap. First we replaced the card station and integrated SMS payment with mobile phones. Later on we developed an image recognition system to replace thetransponders. Internet made it possible to detect what car through registration plates and car registers.

Now everybody have smartphones and people use them to pay with on a regular basis. Since then the programming with smart systems and artificial intelligence and the technology infrastructure has evolved vastly. The latest 5000 model is more than 200 percent faster than the original model. At the same time the we halved the manufacturing costs. We’ve also gone from single nozzle units to three nozzle units, that can handle any kind of liquid or gaseous fuels.

Automated Gas Pumps
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