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Robotic Fuel Pump
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Fuelmatics Implementation Demo Video

Implementation demo of the Fuelmatics FM5000 system. Fuelmatics is the pioneer in fully automatic refueling systems. Fuelmatics offers a true hands-free refueling experience with an app payment solution. The Fuelmatics FM5000 is the latest iteration of our robotic gas pump. There are many benefits with automatic refueling, some of them are:

  • Faster – 30 – 50 % faster
  • Cleaner – No more spills or dirty nozzles
  • Environment-friendly – No more spills, even the vapor can be reused.
  • Premium service – Offer a premium service for the customers
  • More efficient infrastructure – Smaller canopies needed
  • Modern – Inline with today’s modern services
  • Advertising – Sell advertising space on the displays
  • Increased customer experience – Increased flexibility for the customer
  • No site controller needed – The system is cloud-based
  • App payment – No more credit card payment, all transactions are handled via the app

For further information, please contact
CEO, Sten Corfitsen
Phone: +46 8 22 40 00
Email: sten.corfitsen@fuelmatics.com


US President John Reyhani
Phone: +1 (305) 807-4923
Email: john.reyhani@fuelmatics.com

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