The general concept is providing increased service through technology, without any extra cost for the consumer. Fuelmatics solves this in the same fashion as all new automation: technology hand in hand with user experience. The last few years of development in using smartphones and computerized automation has completely rewritten the map for what consumers expects. Todays new cars have many autonomous features: they automatically connect to the drivers smartphone through Bluetooth, detects rain, helps panic break – some even park or drive themselves. The internet generation expects things to be self-propelled. Manual refueling has become stone age.

True automation is all that automatic stations are not. While they simply lets you manually pay in an “automatic” cash machine and refuel manually with a pistol grip, true automation only ask you to park reasonably close to the unit and click a few times on your smartphone. Done. The car is refueled, payment made, receipt is mailed. No getting out, opening window or manual labour. Doesn’t matter what weather it is.

As soon as you’ve tried this, as soon you will have adopted it. No one wants to step back to less service. Would you consider buying a TV without remote? Would you even accept a device that needs a printed operating manual?