Marketing benefits

True automation will change the idea of refueling forever. It’s a technology and paradigm shift. It’s in phase with the new tech-services like smartphones, Uber, automated cars and robots.

It’s faster. About half the time for refueling. If you just have to fill the car up, that’s important.

It’s disruptive. Once you’ve gotten the service for no extra cost, you will never go back. The internet generation demands service. This means the ones who don’t offer the service will be deselected. Plus that new services attracts. If you buy a modern car with all the automation, of course you want the modern refueling service.

Being early gives the chance to take market shares. Since true automation is the only offer of actual refueling service, the early ones will be ahead, taking market shares as long as the others stand still. When they try to catch up, the gap is already established.

It’s hard to increase turnover on a slow moving market with few parameters to attract customers. There hasn’t really been a new type of offer in the business for decades. Until now.

Contact us for calculation examples en your actual situation. You’ll be surprised how little it takes to turn the investment into profit.