Drive-Thru refueling with payment app answers to the increasing demand for a comfortable, automated driver experience. No need to leave the car or open windows. Fuelmatics offers an unique business opportunity on a market with few parameters for winning shares. At the same time it's the most efficient and environmental friendly concept on the globe. It's actually a paradigm shift.


  Marketing benefits True automation will change the idea of refueling forever. It’s a technology and paradigm shift. It’s in phase with the new tech-services like smartphones, Uber, automated cars and robots. It’s faster. About half the time for refueling. If


The general concept is providing increased service through technology, without any extra cost for the consumer. Fuelmatics solves this in the same fashion as all new automation: technology hand in hand with user experience. The last few years of development in


This video shows how the Fuelmatics truly automated refueling system with the App-payment works. It’s completely in phase with how people use their smartphones. No instruction is needed. Just download the app and let the car be refueled automatically.

No one will go back to manual refueling. It's disruptive!

It's good for the drivers - and for you. It's a business booster!

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