Fuelmatics Driv-Thru refueling has existed for a long time. In the early days, card payment and CRT-screens was state of the art. Transponder was the only technology available for the unit to locate the fuel cap. Since then the programming, general technology and infrastructure has evolved vastly. First the card station was replaced and mobile phones was used to pay via SMS. Image recognition was developed to replace transponders. Internet made it possible to detect what car through registration plates and car registers. Now the smartphones are in virtually every mans and womans pocket, and people are used to use the app and to pay with them, so that is what we use today. We’ve also gone from single nozzle units to three nozzle units, that can handle three different liquids. Units for hydrogen gas is also possible.

Still the main feature is the same: the car is refueled automaticly in about half the time. This benefits both drivers and retailers.