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Fuelmatics receives order from US oil company

Fuelmatics has received a first order for two Fuelmatics 5000 units from a US oil company with huge fuel stations in many of the US states.

The new 5000-unit is a further development of the Fuelmatics 4000 model with higher operating speed, Smart phone payment capability and more compact design. The system will be installed for public use at a gas station close to JFK airport in mid 2019.

Fuelmatics is the leader with completely automatic refueling systems which offers fully automatic fill-up´s without any manual involvement. The driver can remain in the seat during the entire fueling process, thus offering a Drive-thru refuelling. The order is the first retail customer order for the new 5000-model for the huge USA market with more than 120 000 gas stations.

“Fuelmatics is a new tool to attract more customers to the sites by providing automatic full-service and thereby improve throughput and customer satisfaction,” says Sten Corfitsen, CEO of Fuelmatics.

The new system is in line with the changes in the modern society with increased convenience and less time wasted on old boring necessities. “Consumers expect to find a cleaner and more streamlined refueling procedure which have been the same for 120 years, Corfitsen continues.

The new technology enables new business opportunities and marketing strategies. “Our first US retail customer have requested us to not disclose their name, but I can tell that Fuelmatics will contribute to an much higher level of efficiency in their retail business. This is the first, but we that many followers will wake up and see the new opportunities with more sales and better gross margin ”, Corfitsen says.

For further information, please contact
CEO, Sten Corfitsen                            or               US President John Reyhani
Phone: +46 8 22 40 00                                             +1 (305) 807-4923

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