Fuelmatics true automation drive-thru suits all types of refueling points. The system needs little space. Since it’s vapor free it can often, depending on local laws, be placed closer to big roads and populated areas.

• Traditional gas stations

Increased customer capacity and better service for the customers. A new concept is to place the Fuelmatics units at the entrance of the station area and free the space outside the shop for parking. The customer screen can then be used for advertisements during pumping. Once the refueling is finished, the customer is invited to convenient parking right outside the shop. No blocking of pumps, better flow of traffic.

• Unmanned stations

There is a positive trend for unmanned stations. With the Fuelmatics units you can achieve better throughput which means less area is needed and you can build effcient stations on smaller pieces of land.

• Hypermarkets

The increased speed offers improved troughput which means service to an increased number of customers per hour and per site. For those who have ques today, Fuelmatics increases your sales and improves your customer ́s satisfaction.