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Fuelmatics AB is a Swedish robotics company with offices in Sweden and the US. Fuelmatics is the pioneer and world leader in fully automatic refueling systems. Our goal is to revolutionize the fueling industry with, state of the art, hands-free refueling technology. Fuelmatics is a privately owned company.


Sten Corfitsen

CEO and Founder

Peter Strömberg

Vice president & COO

Susanne Engström


John Hove

Board of directory


Alex Larsson

System Design Manager

Bengt Wallin

Software Manager

Filip Erhardt

Sales Manager

John Reyhani

US Representative

Jan Strömqvist

Mechanical Engineering Manager

Christer Gåhltorp

Business Advisor

Ragnar Elmquist

Software Specialist

Christian Corfitsen

Marketing Support

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